Vintage Guitars and Musical Instruments

Musical Instrument Buyer

Elite Luxury Buyers works with customers who want to sell musical instruments and musical equipment that have a retail value of at least $5,000.

These instruments can be vintage or have been used by famous bands and musicians. We will also consider instruments that have been signed or authenticated.

If you’re interested, and want to sell vintage musical instruments, the process is simple.

Complete the form on this page, and please be as descriptive as possible. You may include photos, which enables us to respond to your offer within 24 to 48 hours. Please include a clear photo of your item. You may submit additional photos, at Submit Images tab.

Musical instruments that are currently popular among musical instrument dealers and musical instrument buyers include:

    • Fender
    • Gibson
    • Martin
    • Rickenbacker

When we receive your information, the experts in our music division will handle the entire process. Their experience allows Elite Luxury Buyers to offer competitive offers to our clients.

We realize that the process of selling and purchasing valuable items requires a high degree of professionals and discreetness.

That’s why our owners handle every transaction personally, and make themselves available via phone or email. In some cases we will travel to your location and to inspect larger items.

Elite Luxury Buyers is a professional broker that carries out every transaction in a discreet, timely manner. We strive to deliver the very best customer service, and work to make sure payment is delivered in a convenient manner.

In addition to vintage guitars and musical instruments, we are also interested in purchasing designer handbags, gold and rare coins, luxury automobiles, and other items.

Please contact us at anytime to discuss selling valuable items: (914) 449-2022.